A Fall Message from Rene Almeling, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dear Students:

Welcome back!  As we all scramble to prepare for the start of the academic year, I want to take a brief moment to highlight some of the exciting happenings in our department. 
First and foremost, a big congratulations to our seniors who just graduated. They have moved on to amazing new jobs and opportunities. Some of our majors went on to law school, medical school, or graduate school, while others have taken positions in government agencies, think tanks,  research firms, and the private sector. Some have gone on to Teach for America and other programs, and others still have gone into technology. Congrats to all!
Second, the Sociology Major is growing rapidly.  The number of seniors has more than DOUBLED in recent years! Our seniors are interested in a wide range of sociological topics covering gender and sexuality, social networks, health, urban education, race and ethnicity, and more. The Sociology faculty are looking forward to working with our seniors throughout the year on their thesis research projects.
Third, all majors should keep their eyes open for events and news from the Undergraduate Sociological Society (UgSS). The best way to keep track of UgSS is to follow us on Twitter @YaleUgSS.
Our strength as an undergraduate program comes from our amazing students and faculty. Our strength also comes from your leadership and your feedback. As we awake to the possibilities unleashed when we think sociologically, let’s harness those energies together!
- Professor Almeling