Rocky Lam is the 2020 Winner of the Mildred Priest Frank Award

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Student Awards and Recognition
Student Awards & Recognition
May 12, 2020

The Sociology Department is happy to announce that Rocky Lam is the 2020 Winner of the Mildred Priest Frank Award recognizing outstanding scholarship and service among graduating senior sociology majors. Rocky’s thesis was titled, “Embedded Entrepreneurship: How Business Owners Navigate Industry City and Gentrification in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.” Drawing on a set of over twenty structured interviews, he examined how business owners and community leaders in Sunset Park, Brooklyn have experienced and responded to Industry City, a luxurious mall-like development on the neighborhood’s waterfront. Amid the range of reactions categorized among the respondents, the paper found that the largest factor determining business owners’ perceptions of Industry City is whether they could adapt their own business to the changing environment, and that this applied even to long-time community members that might be expected to be highly critical of this example of gentrification.  

Congratulations, Rocky!  And congratulations also to his thesis advisor, Professor Olav Sorenson!