Aleksandra Kaye

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Ph.D. History, University College London
M.A. Transnational Studies, University College London, 2014
B.A. History and Sociology, University of Warwick, 2013
Areas of Interest: 
Migration; History of Knowledge; Transnational Sociology; Personal Networks; Circulation of knowledge; Qualitative Methods; Quantitative Methods
Dissertation: 'Mapping the Polish Knowledge Networks in Nineteenth-century Latin America, 1830-1889'

Aleksandra Kaye is an Exchange Scholar in Sociology at Yale University and a PhD candidate in History at University College London. Her dissertation examines the role of Polish migrants and their networks in the transnational circulation of knowledge between two regions typically viewed as peripheral: partitioned Poland and the newly independent Latin American countries of the nineteenth century. At Yale she is working on applying Social Networks Analysis methods to historical research aiming to better understand the effects of migration on scientific knowledge creation and transmission.