Jongryul Choi

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Professor of sociology at Keimyung University (South Korea). He works in the areas of cultural sociology, social/cultural theory, and qualitative methodology. He is the author of Sociology of Performance: How Does Korean Society Reflect on Itself? (2019), Sociology of Bokagwang: The Cries of Korean Local Youth (2018), The Uses of Multiculturalism: A Cultural Sociological Perspective (2016), Strangers of Globalization: Sexuality, Labor, and Deterritorialization (2013), Cultural Turn in Sociology: Classical Sociology, Revitalized from Science to Aesthetics (2009), The Postmodern American Sociology: A Response to Aethetic Challehge (2004). (Visiting Faculty Fellow, August 31, 2019 - January 31, 2020)