Shai Dromi

Shai Dromi's picture
B.A. Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Communication (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2006);
M.A. Sociology (Magna cum Laude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2009);
M.A. Sociology (Yale University, 2010);
M.Phil Sociology (Yale University, 2011);
PhD (Yale University, 2016)
Areas of Interest: 
Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Morality, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Globalization and Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Sociological Theory

Dissertation: Dissertation topic is international humanitarian NGOs, and I examine the cultural and religious factors that have shaped their policies and ethical framework. 

Employment:  Harvard College Fellow 2016-present.  My main teaching areas are organizations (particularly nonprofits and NGOs), global and transnational sociology, human rights, and qualitative methods, among others.

I have published several refereed papers (most recently in Sociological Theory) and have a book contract with the University of Chicago Press. One of my articles won the Best Student Paper Award at the ASA Global and Transnational Sociology Section, and my dissertation received an honorable mention from the ASA Comparative Historical Sociology Section Best Dissertation Award committee.