Statement in Support of Professor Nicholas Christakis

As the Yale Sociology Department’s Senior Faculty, we write in the continued support of our colleague, Nicholas Christakis. Professor Christakis is a world-renowned scholar whose work has had a tremendous impact on the social, behavioral, and health sciences. Furthermore, his work on social networks, health, mortality, and inequality, as well as his dedication to helping underserved populations as a physician, have improved people’s lives. Professor Christakis is also a dedicated departmental citizen, teacher, and mentor. The undergraduate and graduate students under his supervision affirm the care he gives to them, and his Human Nature Lab is a supportive intellectual space for all who walk through its doors.

As we, the undersigned, acknowledge Professor Christakis’s scientific and collegial contributions, we also pledge to work together to address the inequalities, injustices and marginalization faced by many on this campus and beyond. And we call upon everyone to exercise patience and goodwill as we learn from each other and build community.

Julia Adams
Jeffrey Alexander
Elijah Anderson
Scott Boorman
Jim Baron
Paul Cleary
Deborah Davis
Ron Eyerman
Philip Gorski
Andrew Papachristos
Philip Smith
Olav Sorenson
Frederick Wherry


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