Current PhD Students on the Job Market

This Page Lists Students in the final stages of receiving their Ph.D.s and on the job market.

Hannah Tessler


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Areas of Interest: 
Race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, union formation, education, life course, transition to adulthood

Hannah Tessler is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Yale University. Her research advances the sociology of race and ethnicity, sociology of gender, sociology of sexualities, sociology of family, and sociology of education. She has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals using both quantitative and qualitative research methods to examine the life course, including traditional markers in the transition to adulthood such as higher education and union formation. She has received funding from the NSF/ASA DDRIG for her dissertation research, which focuses on the experiences of single adults in the US.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Tessler, Hannah, Meera Choi, and Grace Kao. “Feelings of Safety and Belonging in High School for Asian American Students.” Forthcoming at Journal of School Violence

Tessler, Hannah and Canton Winer. “Sexuality, Romantic Orientation, and Masculinity: Men as Underrepresented in Asexual and Aromantic Communities.“ Sociology Compass

Tessler, Hannah. “Aromanticism, Asexuality, and Relationship (Non-)Formation: How A-spec Singles Challenge Romantic Norms and Reimagine Family Life.” Sexualities

Tessler, Hannah. 2023. “The Stability of Singlehood: Limitations of the Relationship Status Paradigm and a New Theoretical Framework for Reimagining Singlehood.” Journal of Family Theory and Review.

Lee, Jin, David Nam, and Hannah Tessler. 2023. “Understanding Predictors of Violent and Non-Violent Crime Victimization Among Asian-American/Pacific Islanders.” Victims and Offenders. (will also be published in forthcoming Vulnerable Victimizations, London: Routledge, September 2023)

Tessler, Hannah. 2022. “Is Rejection a More Common Experience for Asian Americans? How Differences in College Application Strategy Affect Admissions Results.” The Journal of Higher Education.

Tessler, Hannah, Meera Choi, and Grace Kao. 2020. “The Anxiety of Being Asian American:Hate Crimes and Negative Biases During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Choi, Meera, Hannah Tessler, and Grace Kao. 2020. “Arts and Crafts as an Educational Strategy and Coping Mechanism for Republic of Korea and United States Parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” International Review of Education.

Lim, Youngshin, Hyunjoon Park, Hannah Tessler, Meera Choi, Gowoon Jung, and Grace Kao. 2020. “Men and Women’s Different Dreams on the Future of the Gendered Division of Paid Work and Household Work after COVID-19 in South Korea.” Research in Social Stratificationand Mobility.


Nick Kearns

Dissertation: “Relocating Urban Lives: Negotiating Urban Identity and Culture Beyond The City”

Areas of Interest: Economic Marginality, Relocation, Fatherhood


Nick Kearns is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Yale University. He has studied how Puerto Rican men in Western Massachusetts have renegotiated their identities after moving away from various cities. In his dissertation, he has written about economic marginality, unemployment, and their experiences of fatherhood. He is also interested in pedagogy and high school teaching, which he hopes to pursue as a career.