Meera Choi

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M.A. Sociology, Ewha Womans University 2018
B.A. Sociology and Psychology, Ewha Womans University 2016
Areas of Interest: 
Gender and Sexuality, Family, Culture, Intimacy, Ethics of Care, Mixed Methods
Meera Choi is a sociology Ph.D. candidate at Yale University. Meera investigates shifting meanings and values of romantic relationships, family formation, and care work in South Korea, a social landscape marked by low fertility. To date, Meera’s research has focused on uncovering the ways in which gendered expectations of care work shaped spatial boundaries and sense of place by gender and life course. 
Her dissertation examines how heterosexual desires have shifted in light of the popularization of sexual violence and safety discourse since the #MeToo movement. In particular, she studies South Korean feminist women who have opted out of sex, dating, marriage, and childbearing with heterosexual, cisgender men. She intends to reveal the crisis of heterosexuality in South Korea and alternative forms of intimacies around sisterhood.