Concentration: Student-Designed

Concentration: Student-Designed This program allows students to combine the study of sociology with the study of another discipline or substantive area and to create a program that satisfies their own interests and career plans. By the beginning of the junior year, participants in the self-designed program are expected to consult with the DUS in order to obtain approval for their course of study. 

  1. Thirteen term courses (including the senior colloquium). At least one must be an introductory Sociology course or a substitute approved by the DUS, but no more than two introductory courses in any department or program may count toward the total. 
  2. Up to four courses relevant to the concentration (i.e. economic processes and/or their social dimension) may be drawn from outside the Sociology department with approval from the DUS. The courses outside Sociology must constitute a coherent unit alone and form a logical whole when combined with the Sociology courses.
  3. Two courses in sociological theory (SOCY 151 and 152)
  4. Two courses in sociological methods, including SOCY 160
  5. One advanced seminar in Sociology (SOCY 300–399)
  6. The senior requirement must integrate sociology and the other subject chosen

Credit/D/Fail courses A maximum of two courses taken Credit/D/Fail may be counted toward the requirements of the major.