Concentration in Economy and Society

Concentration: Economy and Society Students in the Economy and Society concentration gain a broad understanding of the social dimensions of economic behavior, including the relational dimensions of market interactions, the relationship between the state and markets, religious and cultural effects, valuation processes, social networks, and the causes and consequences of inequality and discrimination in markets. Requirements for the concentration include the following:

  1. Thirteen term courses in sociology (including the senior requirement). At least one must be an introductory Sociology course or a substitute approved by the DUS, but no more than two introductory courses in any department or program may count toward the total. Up to four courses relevant to the concentration (i.e. economic processes and/or their social dimension) may be drawn from outside the Sociology department with approval from the DUS. ECON 121 and 125 count toward the four courses from outside the department.

  2. One course in sociological theory (SOCY 151 or SOCY 152)
  3. One course in research design (SOCY 160)
  4. One intermediate or advanced course in microeconomics (e.g. ECON 121 or 125)
  5. At least two intermediate or advanced courses on inequality or economic sociology (e.g. SOCY 234314321, or other)
  6. The senior requirement, integrating research on markets, businesses, economic behavior, or inequality