March 2017

The Public Eye, Winter 2017, Political Research Associates

  Publisher Link Unquestionably, President Donald Trump’s demonstrated enthusiasm for catering to the Christian Right on abortion—and obliterating their memory of his pro-choice past—spells trouble for reproductive rights. But that’s not the only threat to women under Trump’s new order. Trump’s...
March 2017
Navin Kumar

Publisher Link Abstract This study aims to gain insight into the motivations that underlie one’s workplace behaviour, using regulatory focus theory. Given that males and females act differently in the workplace, the question of whether gender moderated this association was also considered....
February 2017
Tony Cheng

Law & Society, Volume 51, Issue 1, Pages 42–69

Publisher Link Abstract Who do violence preventers target to achieve violence prevention? This fundamental question of selection is typically associated with law enforcement, yet gang labeling is critical in another context: nonprofit violence prevention. Eighteen months of fieldwork in a gang...
October 2016

Political Research Associates, The Public Eye

In June 2016, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas anti-abortion TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) law that threatened to shutter all but a handful of the state’s clinics by requiring them to meet costly ambulatory surgical center standards and for their doctors to obtain admitting...
October 2016
Till Hilmar

Memory Studies October 2016 vol. 9 no. 4 455-470

Publisher Link Abstract A majority of today’s visitors to the Auschwitz memorial site take photos to document their stay. By calling attention to visitors’ photography on site, this article investigates the role of visual perception and visual techniques of memory for visits to memorial sites and...
August 2016
Till Hilmar

European Journal of Sociology, August 2016, 57 (2)

Publisher Link Abstract Power in sociological studies of memory is commonly understood as a function of political interests that are successfully framed as an inclusive and convincing story about selected elements of the past. By showing how negotiations of memory are driven by dynamics of...
July 2016
Philip Smith

Sex Roles (2016), pp 1–16, Springer US

  Publisher Link Abstract Research repeatedly shows that women are frequent targets of sexual harassment in public, ranging from catcalls to sexual assault. However, we know very little about the impacts of less obviously gendered rude behavior. Using nationally representative survey data from...
July 2016

Sociological Theory

Abstract:    “Field theory has largely treated the cultural dimensions of social fields as an emergent property of objective field structures. This article reconsiders the role of culture in fields by studying the development of the logics that govern their emergence. As a study case, it examines...
March 2016

Sociological Review, Vol. 64 issue 2, pp. 79-97

Abstract: Despite the growing interest in transnational fields and their influence on national-level dynamics, existing literature has not yet addressed the processes involved in creating such fields in the first place. This article provides insight into the complexities involved in national-...
August 2015
Navin Kumar

SpringerBriefs in Finance

Publisher Link About the book: In this book, the relationship between financial decision-making and chronic regulatory focus is explored to provide a better understanding of consumer decisions. Financial decisions are modelled on the basis of assets and portfolios sensitive to particular...
April 2015

Theory and Society, April 2015

Publisher Link Abstract How do colonial states make themselves known to their citizens? Drawing on sociological, post-colonial, and feminist theories, this article argues that colonial authorities make the state visible to its citizens and thereby establish its territoriality. The case of Jordan...
March 2015
Isabel Jijon

52.1: 82-96

  Publisher Link Abstract Studies of the glocalization of sport usually focus on ‘aesthetic glocalization’ (how local actors adopt a global sport and create a new hybrid aesthetic). This has led some critics to dismiss glocalization as a superficial ‘façade’ of diversity hiding global...
March 2015

Volume 50, March 2015, Pages 229–245

Publisher Link Abstract: In this study, we estimate the causal effect of college expansion on earnings using the example of South Korea in the 1990s where the college enrollment rate increased from just over thirty percent to over eighty percent over a fifteen years period. We compare the pre-...
December 2014
Kristin Plys

August 2014 vol. 55 no. 4 345-347

  Sarah Besky, The Darjeeling distinction: Labor and justice on fair-trade tea plantations in India, University of California Press: Berkeley, CA, 2014; 233 pp. ISBN: 9780520277397, $29.99 (pbk) Reviewed by: Kristin Plys, Yale University, USA The Darjeeling Distinction richly details life on...
July 2014

Sociological Inquiry 84, no.2 (2014)

  Publisher Link >> Abstract: Negotiations about reparations tend to take the language of interests and to deal primarily with monetary compensation for disadvantaged groups. In such proceedings, aggrieved claimants are likely to make a variety of claims about the use of money to represent...