June 2014
Kristin Plys

World Review of Political Economy 5(1): 24-44

Publisher Link
June 2014
Mustafa Yavas

Social Science Computer Review, June 2014, vol. 32, no. 3, 354-372

Publisher Link Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of homophily on diffusion over social networks. An agent-based simulation model is developed to serve as the experimental ground for this analysis. Diffusion dynamics of a nonsticky innovation is investigated by varying...
May 2014

Media, War & Conflict (Sage Journals)

Publisher Link> Abstract Mediated responses to reports of abuse during the Global War on Terror are puzzling. Few of the many revelations of abuse prompted concerted reactions (e.g. scandals), and those that did were often very similar to reports that were ignored. This article draws from...
March 2014
Joseph Klett

Cultural Sociology March 2014, 8 (1)

Publication Link>>   Abstract: In aesthetic terms, the category of ‘sound’ is often split in two: ‘noise’, which is chaotic, unfamiliar, and offensive; and ‘music’, which is harmonious, resonant, and divine. These opposing concepts are brought together in the phenomenon of Noise Music, but...
February 2014
Elisabeth Becker

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Publication Link>>   Abstract Utilizing the case study of Albanian Kosovars employed in the restaurant business in Little Italy, New York, this paper introduces the concept of assumed ethnicity. This concept describes one ethnic group strategically presenting itself as another ethnic...
February 2014

Political Theory, February 2014, vol. 42 no. 1 3-25

Publisher Link..   Abstract Increasing interest in applying the theory and practice of deliberative democracy to new and varied political contexts leads us to ask whether or not deliberation is a universal political practice. While deliberation does manifest a universal competence, its character...
January 2014
Candas Pinar

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Volume 33, Issue 4, 2013, pages 507-520

Publication Link>>   Abstract The rise to power of the socially conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2002 seemed to mark a shift in religion–state relations in Turkey, away from a Kemalist agenda of laiklik. This paper seeks to analyze to what extent do the socially...
December 2013
William McMillan

Symposia 5: 1-16

Publisher link >> Abstract How is it that a conservative Protestant, Bible-believing church consistently attracts close to 6,000 people (most young professionals and artists) to its services in the heart of Manhattan every Sunday and is ostensibly thriving in one of the most liberal, secular...
September 2013

Nations and Nationalism

  Publisher Link >>   Abstract: Nationalism theorists have noted the link between traumatic events and national identity, and cultural trauma theory presents a framework for understanding how these events become trauma narratives. I argue for greater consideration of how these narratives...
August 2013

Nations and Nationalism

Publisher Link >> Abstract: Scholars in nationalism studies have long been aware of culture’s important role in the success of nationalism and the endurance of nations. The 2011 annual conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity of National- ism, which was on the theme of...
August 2013

Nations and Nationalism

Publisher Link/Abstract:   This paper takes as its subject the question of why some nations are less willing to acknowledge past atrocities. To answer that question, it focuses on the assassination of Hrant Dink – a Turkish-Armenian journalist – and its repercussions on Turkish national identity...
August 2013
Kristin Plys, Vani Kulkarni

Global Review 3(3). (with Vani Kulkarni)

Publisher Link This past December, a physiotherapy student was gang raped in a moving bus in South Delhi and later brutally murdered. This incident stunned India,leading to massive protests in Delhi and other cities, and soon became a global headline. The question on everyone’s mind in coming to...
July 2013
Philip Gorski

Annual Review of Sociology Vol. 39: 193-210 (Volume publication date July 2013)

Publisher Link >> Abstract: Scholarly work on the nexus of religion, nationalism, and violence is currently fragmented along disciplinary and theoretical lines. In sociology, history, and anthropology, a macro-culturalist approach reigns; in political science, economics, and international...
July 2013
Isabel Jijon

28.4: 373-390

  Publisher Link Abstract Globalization is commonly defined as time–space compression, a view that relies on an idea of ‘empty’ time and space where these dimensions have been stripped of local meanings by abstraction and standardization. This notion is incompatible with the globalization of...
June 2013

The European

Publisher Link >> As the protests in Turkey continue many observers ask the same question: “who are the protestors and what do they want?”. There is no simple answer to this question, as this is not an organized civil protest movement. It is rather an accidental coalition of ordinary...