Jiwon Yun

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M.A. in Sociology, Seoul National University
B.A. in Sociology and South Asian Studies, Seoul National University, summa cum laude
Areas of Interest: 
Globalization; Migration; Race and Ethnicity; Multiculturalism; Cosmopolitanism; Intercultural Interactions

Jiwon is interested in exchanges of people, cultures and ideas that arise out of globalization. At the heart of his research ideas lies the fundamental question: how do people build a community across cultural boundaries when they have very little in common? To answer this question, he looks at various forms of international communities. His most recent project involved an ethnographic investigation of choirs under Camarata Music, an international music organization based in Seoul, South Korea.

Jiwon will continue his work on intercultural interactions by exploring international cultures that arise in tourist cities of Rajasthan, India. This project explores how international cultures in Asia are based upon the Asian imagination of white English-speaking bodies as incarnations of globalization. The result is a seemingly cosmopolitan and inclusive space that is, in effect, selective of its participants, albeit unintentionally. Ultimately, Jiwon seeks to uncover inter-Asian interactions in international communities, contributing to the understanding of an Asian mode of globalization.


Yun, Jiwon. 2019. Lonely Strangers of Metropolis: The Effect of Internal Migration Experience On Social Relationship Satisfaction. Korean Journal of International Migration 7(1): 35-56. (in Korean)