Jeffrey Alexander

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Lillian Chavenson Saden Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1978;
B.A. Harvard College, 1969
Areas of Interest: 
Culture, Politics, Theory
493 College St, Room 203, New Haven, CT 06511-8907
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Jeffrey C. Alexander is the Lillian Chavenson Saden Professor of Sociology at Yale University. With Ron EyermanPhilip Smith, and Frederick Wherry, he is Co-Director of the Center for Cultural Sociology (CCS). Jeffrey Alexander works in the areas of theory, culture, and politics. An exponent of the “strong program” in cultural sociology, he has investigated the cultural codes and narratives that inform diverse areas of social life.


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Courses and Seminars


  • HUMS 335 01 / SOCY 202 01, Cultural Sociology
  • SOCY 330, Civil Society and Democracy.
  • SOCY 352, Material Culture.


  • SOCY 525, Cultural Sociology: Theory and Research Programs.
  • SOCY 534 01, Cultural Sociology
  • SOCY 562 01, Topics in Cultural Sociology
  • SOCY 565 01, Advanced Seminar in Cultural Sociology
  • SOCY 567, Cultural Performances. The Whitney Seminar on New Perspectives in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • SOCY 620 01, Iconic Material Culture
  • SOCY 628, Workshop in Cultural Sociology.