Mira Debs

Mira Debs's picture
Ph.D. Candidate
B.A. University of Chicago;
MPhil Oxford University;
PGCE Oxford University
Areas of Interest: 
Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of Education; Social Movements; Cultural Sociology; Nationalism and Memory.

Mira Debs is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Yale University and a junior fellow of the Center for Cultural Sociology. Her research focuses on how groups form collective identity through objects, history and their childrens’ schooling. Her research cases have included studies on Italian art, India’s independence struggle, the post-civil rights memory in the American South

Her dissertation project examines parent identity and activism around their childrens’ schools and racial integration. She examines in particular the public Montessori school movement, and is conducting an ethnography at two public Montessori schools in Connecticut.

Her work has been published in Cultural Sociology and Nations and Nationalism.