Navin Kumar

Navin Kumar's picture
MJus (Res) Queensland University of Technology, Criminology, 2016;
BBusComm (Hons) Monash University, Marketing, First Class Honours, 2013;
BFin Australian National University, Finance, 2010
Areas of Interest: 
Deviance, Social Networks, Cannabis, Sex Work, Masculinity

I have over four years of research experience honed in the public and private sectors, with the aim of translating data into results that can and have been used by business and government. Passionate about figuring out how to use research to help businesses outside the mainstream gain legitimacy. 

Selected Publications


Kumar, N. (2015). SpringerBriefs in Finance: Chronic Regulatory Focus and Financial Decision-making: Asset and Portfolio Allocation. Singapore: Springer Science+Business Media.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Kumar, N., Scott, J., & Minichiello, V. (Forthcoming). Masculinity and the Occupational Experience of Male Independent Escorts who Seek Male Clients. Social Sciences.

Grov, C., & Kumar, N. (Forthcoming). HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is Coming to Europe, but are Gay Men Ready to Accept it? Qualitative Findings from Berlin, Germany. Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Kumar, N., Minichiello, V., Scott, J., & Harrington, T. (Forthcoming). A Global Overview of Male Escort Sites on the Internet. Journal of Homosexuality.

Kumar, N., & Lee, C. K. C. (2014). Regulatory focus and workplace behaviour: Organisational citizenship behaviour, workplace deviance and the moderating role of genderJournal of General Management39(4), 27–53.