Welcome to the Yale Sociology Department

Sociology – the systematic study of social life and social transformation – is thriving at Yale.

In 1875, Yale professor William Graham Sumner (1840-1910) offered the first American course titled “Sociology.”

Today’s department spans a wide array of areas and specialties, balanced with an emphasis on the core concepts, theory and methods of the discipline. Much is new since Sumner’s day, but the Yale department still offers an overarching vision of the field, its future, and its relationship to knowledge of our changing world.


July 25, 2014
Graduate student Kristin Plys has a new article out now in the journal World Review of Political Economy. In her article, titled “Financialization, Crisis, and the...
July 14, 2014
Professor Rene Almeling was interviewed this month on NPR’s All Things Considered regarding online sperm donation sites. She talked about using such sites in lieu of...
July 8, 2014
Graduate student Joseph Klett has a new article out now from Sociological Theory. In his piece, titled “Sound on Sound: Situating Interaction in Sonic Object Settings”, Klett...
July 4, 2014
A new article by graduate student Alison Gerber on art, value, and the state is out now at Narratively. In it, Gerber follows an artist’s audit for insight into the...