October 2013
Peter Stamatov

Cambridge University Press/Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion and Politics

Publisher Link >> “Whether lauded and encouraged or criticized and maligned, action in solidarity with culturally and geographically distant strangers has been an integral part of European modernity. Traversing the complex political landscape of early modern European empires, this book...
August 2013
Jonathan Wyrtzen

  Publisher Link >>   Abstract: This article applies a process approach to the study of nationalism, analysing anti-colonial protest in interwar Morocco to address how and why elite-constructed national identity resonates for larger audiences. Using Alexander’s social performance...
July 2013
Philip Gorski

Annual Review of Sociology Vol. 39: 193-210 (Volume publication date July 2013)

Publisher Link >> Abstract: Scholarly work on the nexus of religion, nationalism, and violence is currently fragmented along disciplinary and theoretical lines. In sociology, history, and anthropology, a macro-culturalist approach reigns; in political science, economics, and international...
July 2013

American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 118, No. 6, May 2013

      Publisher Link >> Abstract: Increases in women’s education represent one of the most wide-reaching socioeconomic changes of recent decades. But how much will future generations benefit from these gains, and will black and white Americans benefit equally? Using data from the Panel Study...
July 2013
Marcus Hunter

Contexts, American Sociological Association Vol. 12, Issue 3.

Publisher Link >> When it comes to same-sex marriage, one might expect black Americans to be on board–if it’s a civil rights question, why shouldn’t they be? Marcus Anthony Hunter looks at some of the tangled past behind blacks’ reluctance to accept gay marriage.     
July 2013
Elijah Anderson

Journal of Adolescent Health, Volume 53, Issue 1, July 2013, Pages 54–61

Abstract Purpose Children’s safety as they travel to school is a concern nationwide. We investigated how safe children felt from the risk of being assaulted during morning travel to school. Methods Children between 10 and 18 years old were recruited in Philadelphia and interviewed with the...
June 2013
Marcus Hunter

Du Bois Review

  Download PDF >> Generating new understandings of the contributions of W. E. B. Du Bois’s The Philadelphia Negro (1899) for sociology and social science more generally, this article posits that the urban analysis provided in the book demonstrates how interwoven cultural and economic...
May 2013
Jonathan Wyrtzen

In Driss Maghraoui (Ed.), Revisiting the colonial past in Morocco (pp. 184-99). New York: Routledge.

Publisher Link >> Google Books Link >> Exploring the concept of ‘colonial cultures,’ this book analyses how these cultures both transformed, and were transformed by, their various societies. Challenging both the colonial vulgate, and the nationalist paradigm, Revisiting the Colonial...
May 2013
Deborah Davis

Stamford University Press

Wang Feng Publisher Link >>     The Chinese economy’s return to commodification and privatization has greatly diversified China’s institutional landscape. With the migration of more than 140 million villagers to cities and rapid urbanization of rural settlements, it is no longer...
May 2013

Social Science & Medicine Volume 84, Pages 129–137

  Publisher Link >> The existing literature on educational inequalities in adult smoking has focused extensively on differences in current smoking and quitting, rather than on differences in never smoking regularly (initiation) by education in the adult population. Knowing the relative...
April 2013
Rene Almeling

Gender & Society

Publisher link >>   Abstract: In both social science and medicine, research on reproduction generally focuses on women. In this article, we examine how men’s reproductive contributions are understood. We develop an analytic framework that brings together Cynthia Daniels’ conceptualization of...
March 2013
Marcus Hunter

Oxford University Press

  Publisher Link W.E.B. DuBois immortalized Philadelphia’s Black Seventh Ward neighborhood, one of America’s oldest urban black communities, in his 1899 sociological study The Philadelphia Negro. In the century after DuBois’s study, however, the district has been transformed...
March 2013

The Review of Black Political Economy March 2013, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 39-52

Hedwig Lee Publisher Link >> In this article, we examine the possible impact of mass imprisonment on the physical health of African American women. Specifically, we focus on a variety of mechanisms through which mass imprisonment may increase the risk of having three major chronic health...
February 2013
Jonathan Wyrtzen

Political Power and Social Theory 24:231-262

  Publisher Link >> Abstract: As a fountainhead of postcolonial scholarship, Edward Said has profoundly impacted multiple disciplines. This chapter makes a case for why sociologists should (re)read Edward Said, paying specific attention to his warning about the inevitably violent...
February 2013
Jeffrey Alexander

Polity Press

Publisher Link> Description In this book, one of the world’s leading social theorists presents a critical, alarmed, but also nuanced understanding of the post-traditional world we inhabit today. Jeffrey Alexander writes about modernity as historical time and social condition, but also as...