Wang To University of Virginia

December 23, 2016

Yale Sociology Alumna Yingyao Wang will be starting a tenure track assistant professor job in the Sociology Department of the University of Virginia in July 2017. Beginning her time at Yale in 2008, Yingyao graduated with her PhD from in December, 2015 with a dissertation entitled :

The Gradual Revolution: Economic Ideas, Organizational Trajectories and Policy Elites in Contemporary China (1979-2014).

Supervised by Julia Adams (Chair), Philip Gorski, Emily Erikson, and Deborah Davis, the thesis investigates how career trajectories, intellectual networks, and political cliques shape formal organizational structure and state regulations in the Chinese context. Most crucially it found that Chinese policy elites’ career trajectories and organizational socialization in the state conditioned the formation of their economic ideas. Which sets of ideas and programs prevailed depends on the competition among the different organizational types of bureaucratic elites in the Chinese state.

Yingyao currently serves as a Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs at the Watson Institute at Brown. She recently published an article entitled “Homology and Isomorphism as Two Theories of Field Convergence: Bourdieu in Conversation with New Institutionalism.” in the British Journal of Sociology.

At Virginia, she will join Yale Sociology PhDs Jeff Olick (Department Chair) and Isaac Reed.

Fantastic news Yingyao.