Adam Valen Levinson

Adam Valen Levinson's picture
B.A., Columbia University
M.F.A., Goucher College
Areas of Interest: 
Cultural sociology; humor; emotions; ethnomethodology; social psychology

I’m interested in boundaries, material and symbolic, and how they work/change/dissolve. In one mixed qual/quant project, I am exploring one great divider: offense.  Using inoffensive cartoons selected to be as culturally non-specific as possible, I’m asking: are there biographical or demographic or psychological patterns in default sensitivity to offense? (Yes!)  A connection is developed between individuals’ sensitivities about their own identities, and their sensitivities about abstract “offensive” ideas.

One other current project: researching cultural similarities between stand-up comedians and suicide bombers, using as tools my knowledge of Arabic and the Middle East, and my participant-observation within comedian communities across three continents.  While this might seem at first a crude comparison, one that fuses figurative and literal meanings, each group’s willingness to “die”, “bomb”, and “kill” is rich with significance.  Understanding that “suicide” is a social fact, I hope to tap into the deepest roots of our discipline, to investigate much the nature of marginalization, of extremism, of performance.


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