Helena Funk

Helena Funk's picture
Leipzig University, Germany

(Visiting Exchange Student,  September 2018-June 2019)

Helena Funk is a current M.A. candidate in African Studies (Leipzig University, Germany), and an Exchange Scholar at the CCS in 2018/19.
Her planned M.A. thesis examines diverse language use and its cultural implications in the middle-class of Nairobi. She will conduct field research in Nairobi, analyzing language use and identity within the growing Kenyan middle-class. Her research interests cover Cultural Sociology, Analysis of Social Structures, Urban Studies, Sociolinguistics and Swahili Studies.

Helena earned her B.A. in Applied African Studies at Bayreuth University, Germany, in the field of Development Sociology. She worked as a student research assistant for the subproject “Middle-Classes on the Rise” at the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies (2015-2018) where she collaborated with Dieter Neubert and former CCS-Fellow Florian Stoll.