Liv Egholm, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Civil Society Research at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy (DK)

Liv Egholm’s scholarship is centered on how concepts, practices, and temporalities impact cultural and social organizing. She is especially interested in the way we conceptualize “the common good” and its implications for how we address and solve the (grand) challenges of our day by organizing the present and diagnosing the future. Her research contributes to contemporary discussions of: civil society, “the common good,” philanthropic gift-giving practices, and temporalities, as well as more theoretical and methodological discussions rooted in a relational-processual approach inspired by cultural sociology, pragmatism, and semiotics. In her current research, she is investigating how the negotiations of “The Common Good” are translated into civil action and civil organizing over time. Particularly, the research sheds lights on the social inclusion/exclusion mechanisms involved in the process, and its consequences for future social actions. Among my recent publications are: A processual-relational approach to civil society (Routledge, 2021), Five progressive responses to the grand challenges of the 21st century (Thesis Eleven, 2021), Complicated translations (Polity Press, 2020), Advancing a post-sectoral conception of civil society-moving beyond Civil Society? (IJPCS, 2020), Practicing the common good: Philanthropic practices in 20th-century Denmark (IJPCS,2020), Matters of Translations (Cambridge Press, 2019), Civil Society Organizations: The Site of Legitimizing the Common Good (Voluntas, 2019) (CCS Fulbright Visiting Fellow - Fall 2022)