Nelson Arteaga Botello

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Nelson Arteaga Botello, is a professor of sociology at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Mexico). His fields of research are violence, video surveillance in urban spaces, sociological theory, and cultural sociology. In 2005 he won the 5th Ibero-American Social Sciences Award granted by the Institute of Social Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences since 2011. His publication include “ ‘It Was the State’: the Trauma of the Enforced Disappearance of Students in Mexico,” International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society (32) 2019: 337-355,  “The Civil Sphere in Mexico: Between Democracy and Authoritarianism,” (with Javier Arzuaga) in The Civil Sphere in Latin America, edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander and Carlo Tognato (Cambridge University Press, 2018), “Mexico: Internal Security, surveillance, and authoritarianism,” Surveillance & Society, 15(3) 2017: 491-49. He has coedited (with Carlo Tognato) Sociedad, cultura y la esfera civil: una agenda de sociología cultural, (Flacso, 2019).  (CCS Visiting Faculty Fellow, September 1, 2019 -August 31, 2020)