Javed Jaghai

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2012: B.A. Senior Fellow with high honors, Dartmouth College
2014: M.A. Sociology, Yale University
2016: M.Phil Sociology, Yale University
Areas of Interest: 
Culture; Diasporas; Ethnography; Globalization; Human Rights; Inequality; International Migration; Methodology; Race & Ethnicity; Refugees; Sex; Gender & Sexualities; Social Movements
Boom Bye Bye: Jamaican LGBT Refugees from Emergence to Exile

Javed is a PhD candidate in Sociology who studies Caribbean societies and their diasporas in North America and Europe.  His dissertation project is an eight-year multi-method study of LGBT communities in Jamaica.  Javed follows the lives of his research participants from their homes on the island to exile abroad.  His pioneering study sits at the intersection of the Sociology of Sexuality and the Sociology of Migration.