Milly Yining Yang, M.A. in Sociology, Yale University, 2023

Milly Yining Yang's picture
M.A. in Sociology, Yale University, 2023
B.A. with honors in Sociology and Economics (Statistics Minor), Grinnell College, 2021
Areas of Interest: 
Immigration, Family Demography, Labor Market

Milly Yang is a PhD Student in Sociology at Yale University. Her research broadly encompasses immigration and family demography. Her past research projects have focused on fertility and child care during COVID-19 in the United States and union formation in China. Milly’s current research examines high-skilled immigration in the US and the labor market experience of high-skilled migrants.


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Yang, Yining Milly, & Grace Kao. “Do Resources Blunt the Impact of COVID-19 on Fertility Desires in the United States?” Population Research and Policy Review, 43(2), 2024.


Yang, Yining Milly. “Premarital Cohabitation and the Gendered Division of Housework in China” Forthcoming March/April 2024. Chinese Journal of Sociology.