Mustafa Yavas

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M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University, 2015
B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University, 2011
Areas of Interest: 
Inequality; Class & Culture; Sociology of Work; Political Sociology; Social Networks; Computational Sociology
White-Collar Blues? The Making of the Global Middle Class in Turkey

My research projects cluster around three broad categories: inequality, class and culture; political sociology, and social networks. In my dissertation, “White-Collar Blues? The Making of the Global Middle Class in Turkey,” I explore the intertwined processes of globalization and class formation, with a particular focus on the quality of work life of elite Turkish business professionals in Istanbul and New York City. Drawing from over 100 interviews, I follow the members of this evolving stratum through the employment life course: i) selection into, ii) surviving, and iii) opting-out of high-prestige and high-salary jobs at transnational corporations. My dissertation on the formation of the global middle classes builds on my experience with previous research that revolved around various boundary processes that manifest themselves in social, spatial, economic, and cultural settings, including homophily in social networks, residential segregation by income, and collective identity formation in social movements. In addition to my dissertation, I am working on a project that aims to map the field of political opinion in contemporary Turkey and its change over time to illuminate the rise of authoritarianism by combining automated text analysis with social networks.