Mustafa Yavas

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M.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Bogazici University, 2015)
B.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Bogazici University, 2011)
Areas of Interest: 
Class & Culture; Sociology of Work; Political Sociology; Social Networks; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Computational Sociology
The Ambivalent White-Collar? The Making of the New Global Middle Class in Contemporary Turkey

Mustafa’s research has revolved around various forms and manifestations of social closure and cleavages, including income-based residential segregation, homophily in social networks, collective identity formation processes in social movements, and processes of class formation. He relies on multiple methods in his research projects including qualitative methods of interviews and fieldwork as well as computational methods of agent-based modeling, network analysis, and automated text analysis.

Currently, he is working on his dissertation, which takes an in-depth look on the members of the upper-middle class in Turkey and explores their experiences of quality of working life, and of pathways to the elite labor force in Istanbul and in global cities such as New York City and London. In addition, he is working on a project that attempts to map the field of political opinion in contemporary Turkey and its change over time. He combines network and automated text analysis to analyze the competing discourses in newspaper columns about the historical event of the Gezi Park Resistance, a nation-level uprising that shook Turkey in the summer of 2013.