Nicolás Rudas

Nicolás Rudas's picture
M.A Sociology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2019
B.A. Sociology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2016
Areas of Interest: 
Culture; political radicalism; social movements; violence; civil society; Latin American studies

Nicolás is interested in the relationship between culture, radicalism and democracy.  Part of his research focuses on leftist revolutionary movements that emerged on Latin American universities during the sixties. It shows how they gradually distanced themselves from violent rhetoric and embraced a civil discourse through the use of specific symbols and narratives. He currently investigates how ’scientific icons’ (figures, diagrams, charts) shape public controversies in contexts of polarization, such as post-war Colombia.


Rudas, Nicolás (forthcoming 2021). La violencia y sus resistencias en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá: Editorial Universidad Nacional de Colombia (in Spanish)

Rudas, Nicolás. 2021 Confrontation and “self-destruction” of a sociology project in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia: the fall of the “founding fathers”. Revista Colombiana de Sociología. 42(2), pp. 67-90. (in Spanish)