Philip Smith

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Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1993
M.A., Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, 1986
Areas of Interest: 
Culture/Knowledge; Deviance, Crime and Law; Political Sociology and Social Movements; Theory.
493 College St, Room 302
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Philip Smith is responsible for a dozen books and over sixty articles and chapters. His most recent book is “Climate Change as Social Drama” co-authored with Nicolas Howe (Cambridge 2015). Other books include Incivility: The Rude Stranger in Everyday Life (Cambridge 2010); Why War? The Cultural Logic of Iraq, the Gulf War and Suez (Chicago, 2005); Punishment and Culture (Chicago, 2008). His textbook Cultural Theory: An Introduction (Blackwell 2001) has been translated into several languages and is now available in a second edition.

Recent Publications


Courses and Seminars


  • SOCY 041, Sociology of Social Control and Criminal Justice.
  • SOCY 101, Introduction to Sociology.
  • SOCY 141, Crime and Deviance.
  • SOCY 169, Visual Sociology.
  • SOCY 346, Public Behaviors and Social Spaces.


  • SOCY 502, Contemporary Sociological Theory: Durkheimian Sociology.
  • SOCY 525, Cultural Sociology.
  • SOCY 628, Workshop in Cultural Sociology.
  • SOCY 653, Workshop in Advanced Sociological Writing and Research.