Samuel Stabler

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December 2017 Yale Sociology Ph.D.
December 2017 Yale Sociology Ph.D.
B.A. Sociology, Cum Laude (University of Washington)
Areas of Interest: 
Theory, methods, sociology of religion

Dissertation:  Samuel Stabler is a PhD Candidate in sociology at Yale University. His dissertation focuses on the links between the shape of religious institutions and the development of political space in New England’s Puritan missionary efforts to the American frontier. In turn, his research examines how moral ideals shape, and are shaped by, conflicts surrounding the built environment, infrastructural development, and the management of religious diversity. By theorizing how moral landscapes are transformed into material settings, his research contributes to enduring debates in the sociology of religion, cultural sociology, and comparative-historical sociology. Beyond this, he has also been working on a project, examining the moral implications of routine sociological debate, and the work and family lives of mothers who breastfeed.