Sandra Okonofua

Sandra Okonofua's picture
CAS in Adolescent Counseling, Harvard University (2021)
EdM in Prevention Science and Practice, Harvard University (2020)
M.S.Ed in Urban Education, University of Pennsylvania (2016)
A.B in Psychology and Sociology, Dartmouth College, (2014)
Areas of Interest: 
Educational Inequality, Social Policy, Social Stratification, Wealth Inequality, Race & Ethnicity

Sandra Okonofua is a PhD student in Sociology at Yale University. Her research interests sit at the intersection of social stratification, social policy, race, class, gender and education. Sandra intends to explore the intergenerational reproduction of advantages and disadvantages due to the racial wealth gap and how these advantages and disadvantages contribute to disparities in education access and outcomes. Specifically, she is interested in exploring less obvious connections between the racial wealth gap, the racial achievement gap, and the racial “parental activism” gap, particularly in response to equity-based admissions policies or school reforms. Additionally, Sandra is interested in examining how affluent parents and families navigate and exploit education laws, policies and provisions to maintain social advantages.

Before coming to Yale, Sandra worked as a school counseling intern in Massachusetts, a high school science teacher in Philadelphia and as a ghostwriter for industry leaders.