June 2002
Peter Stamatov

American Sociological Review, 67: 345-366

Publisher Link >> Abstract: The concept of interpretive activism as a relational position and a practical accomplishment is a useful analytical tool for the study of audiences conceived not as a conglomerate of individuals but as loose networks in which the ability to construct and impose...
January 2002
Ronald Eyerman

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

>Publisher link   This book explores the formation of the African-American identity through the theory of cultural trauma. The trauma in question is slavery, not as an institution or as personal experience, but as collective memory–a pervasive remembrance that grounded a people’s...
May 2001
Julia Adams

Social Politics, 8 (1): 1-23

  Abstract This paper reviews and reconstructs recent feminist work on welfare states and social policy regimes. We argue that the concept of “regime” should be stretched to incorporate the way that signs organize the relations among subjects authorized to operate on the field of power. We focus...
September 2000
Elijah Anderson

W. W. Norton & Company

Publisher link >> Inner-city black America is often stereotyped as a place of random violence; in fact, violence in the inner city is regulated through an informal but well-known code of the street. How you dress, talk, and behave can have life-or-death consequences, with young people...
January 2000
Deborah Davis

University of California Press, Shanghai Academy of Social Science.

  Publisher Link >> After decades of egalitarian, restricted consumption, the residents of China’s cities are today surrounded by material comforts and awash in a level of commercial hype that was totally unimaginable just ten years ago. In this first in-depth treatment of the consumer...
May 1999
Julia Adams

pp. 98-122 in G. Steinmetz (ed.), State/Culture: State Formation After the Cultural Turn, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

April 1999
James Baron


  Publisher Link >> A Truly Strategic Approach Geared to General Managers,Strategic Human Resources is an exciting new approach to human resource management. Rather than focusing the material on the needs of the HR manager or HR major, this conceptual text speaks to the general manager who...
February 1998
Ronald Eyerman

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

>Publisher Link Music and song are central to modern culture–social movements to cultural change. Building on their studies of the sixties culture and the theory of cognitive praxis, the authors examine the mobilization of cultural traditions and the formation of new collective identities...
July 1996
James Baron

Westview Press

David B. Grusky, Donald J. Treiman, John Pock The field of social stratification is being transformed and reshaped by advances in theory and method as well as by new approaches to the analysis of macroeconomic, institutional, demographic, and ascriptive sources of inequality. In this tribute to...
February 1996
Julia Adams

American Sociological Review, Vol. 61, No. 1 (Feb., 1996), pp. 12-28

Absract Patrimonial states and their chartered East India companies propelled the first wave of European colonialism in Asia during the seventeenth and eigh-teenth centuries. The metropolitan principals of these organizations faced special problems in monitoring and controlling their own colonial...
January 1990
Elijah Anderson

University of Chicago Press

Publisher link >> In a powerful, revealing portrait of city life, Anderson explores the dilemma of both blacks and whites, the underclass and the middle class, caught up in the new struggle not only for common ground—prime real estate in a racially changing neighborhood—but for shared moral...
May 1980
Scott Boorman

Acaemic Press

Paul R. Levitt Altruism, in the context of this book, is the sacrifice of fitness by one organism to preserve or increase the fitness of one or more conspecifics, and an altruist possesses a genetically based propensity for altruism. The relevance to some social species (e.g. among Hymenoptera) is...
January 1969
Scott Boorman

Oxford University Press, USA

  While still a teenager, Boorman wrote The Protracted Game : A Wei-Ch’i Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy (1969), an analysis of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. He shows that the U.S. thought it was playing Chess, while in fact the game was Wei-Ch’i (also known as Go)....
Julia Adams

Politics & Society Volume 39 Issue 4, pp. 475 - 496.

Publisher Link >> Abstract:   During the past thirty years in the social sciences, there has been a wide-ranging discussion of “class politics” in capitalist modernity. Several distinct threads have developed, largely in isolation from each other. The authors suggest that the various...
Jeffrey Alexander


Publisher Link> Abstract In its hermeneutically rich reconstructions of “Axial Age” breakthroughs in the world’s great religions, RHE provides an all-important historical explanation for the autonomy of culture vis-à-vis social structure in the present day. Powerfully documenting “Eastern...