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March 11, 2013
  In the coming academic year, Andrew Udelsman (Yale ‘10) will be an NYU-Abu Dhabi Global Academic Fellow. He departs for Abu Dhabi in August 2013. Best of luck, Andrew!
Critical Lanuage Scholarship Program
March 5, 2013
  Jonathan Endelman has been awarded a Critical Language Scholarship for summer 2013. He will be spending the summer in Turkey in either Bursa or Ankara. The CLS institute is...
Black Citymkers
March 1, 2013
  Professor Marcus Hunter’s new book, Black Citymakers: How The Philadelphia Negro Changed Urban America, has just been published by Oxford University Press. The book...
Yale Jazz Ensemble
February 28, 2013
  The Stan Wheeler Memorial Jazz Concert, a springtime tradition to honor the memory of beloved professor and jazz musician, Stan Wheeler, will be held on Sunday, April 7,...
The Twittersphere's Pick for Best Picture
February 22, 2013
  Elizabeth Butler Breese, (Yale Sociology PhD, 2012), has written for the Huffington Post blog, a piece on the 2012 Oscar nominees for Best Picture, as analyzed from the...
February 19, 2013
  Professor Rene Almeling’s research on egg and sperm donation is featured in an article published today in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Titled “The Student Body...
Christopher Wildeman
February 18, 2013
  Professor Chris Wildeman’s research on children of the American prison boom prompts a New York Times mention in John Tierney’s “Prison and the Poverty Trap,”...
February 14, 2013
  This year the Department of Sociology has the pleasure of hosting Professor Theda Skocpol of Harvard University for the annual Hollingshead Lecture, held on Wednesday...
February 6, 2013
  The Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) will host a panel, “Preventing Gun Violence: What Research and Experience Can Tell Us About What Works,” on...
January 29, 2013
  Elijah Anderson, William K. Lanman Professor of Sociology, has received the prestigious Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award from the American Sociological Association. The award...