Fall Colloquium, 2006

September 14

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 1 of 10):
Rogers Brubaker
University of California, Los Angeles
“Rethinking Ethnicity: Lessons From a Transylvanian Town”

September 21

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 2 of 10):
Michael Schudson
University of California, San Diego
“Revealing, Disclosing, and Accounting: Making Matters Publicly Visible 1960s–2006”

September 28

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 3 of 10):
Martina Morris
University of Washington
“Partnership Networks and HIV Transmission”

October 5

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 4 of 10):
Kim Weeden
Cornell University
“Social Class and Earnings Inequality”

October 12

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 5 of 10):
Paul McLean
Rutgers University
“The Emergence of a New Concept of the Self in the Renaissance”

October 19

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 6 of 10):
Wolfgang van den Daele
Freie Universität Berlin
“Cosmopolitan Dreams: Deliberating Global Justice in a Stakeholder Dialogue Between ‘Big Pharma’ and Civil Society Actors Over Access to Essential Medicines”

October 27 (Friday)

Frances Fox Piven
City University of New York
Annual Hollingshead Lecture:
“Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America”
Hall of Graduate Studies (Room 211),
320 York Street

November 2

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 7 of 10):
Frank Furstenberg
University of Pennsylvania
“U.S. Middle Income Families in Comparative Perspective”

November 9

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 8 of 10):
Andrea Press
University of Virginia
“Where Would Jesus Shop? The Authority of Media Culture and the Selling of Conservatism”

November 16

Yale Sociology Colloquium
(week 9 of 10):
Joachim Savelsberg
University of Minnesota
“Law and Collective Memory”