Yale Journal of Sociology

The Yale Journal of Sociology (YJS) was launched in 2000 to promote the work of the Department’s undergraduates. In 2003 it was extended to include research by the wider Yale departmental community. The final issue was published in 2013.

Funding for the Yale Journal of Sociology was provided by the Rose Sociology Resource Fund.

Fall 2013 / Volume 10.

Full content: YJS-Fall-2013.pdf

  • Introduction
    Philip Smith
  • From Discipline to World: The Gift of Dual Membership  
    Charles Camic
  • Deconstructing Aurora: How Hollywood Averted Cultural Backlash in the Face of National Tragedy  
    Deandra Tan
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in China: A Snapshot From the Field  
    Amy Tsang
  • Sociologies of Empire: Concepts, Continuities and Questions  

    Nicholas Hoover Wilson 

Fall 2012 / Volume 9.

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  • Introduction
    Philip Smith
  • The Politics of Religion, the Religion of Politics, and the Good Society 
    Immanuel Wallerstein
  • Causal Sex: Sexual Ethics and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic 
    Jeffrey Hudson
  • “It’s Not Her Fault!”: Miley Cyrus, Fan Culture and the Neutralization of Deviance 
    Monica Qiu
  • “People Like Us Don’t Go There”: Local Culture and College Aspirations in Rural Nebraska 
    Benjamin M. Robbins
  • World Systemic and Kondratieff Cycles 
    Kristin Plys
  • Sex, Gender, and the 2012 Struggle over the Presidency of the University of Virginia 
    Andrea Press

Fall 2011 / Volume 8.

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  • Introduction
    Philip Smith
  • August B. Hollingshead’s “Four Factor Index of Social Status”: From Unpublished Paper to Citation Classic 
    Julia Adams and David L. Weakliem
  • Four Factor Index of Social Status 
    August B. Hollingshead
  • Teacher/ Police: How Inner-City Students Perceive the Connection Between the Education System and the Criminal Justice System 
    Cara McClellan
  • Constructing Public Preschool: Women, Poverty, Politics, and the Development of Public Preschool in the United States 
    Anna Jo Bodurtha Smith
  • Providers’ Perspectives on the Role of Race in Maternal Health 
    Ariel Franks
  • Surviving the Forest: Ethnography of New Haven’s Tent City 
    Andrew Udelsman
  • A Memo on Style: Reflections on “Style” as a Sociological Concept 
    Scott A. Boorman

Fall 2007 / Volume 7.

Full content: yjs_fall_2007.pdf

  • Introduction
    Ivan Szelenyi
  • Education and Aids: How HIV and AIDS Influence Attitudes to Education and Affect Students in Poor, Urban South Africa Townships 
    Janine Morna
  • Diversity in Classroom and Curriculum? Discourses of Race and Homosexuality in Elm City High School Social Studies Classrooms 
    Elizabeth Humphries
  • Intergenerational Mobility by Race: Can the Black Middle Class Reproduce Itself? 
    Sarah Ireland

Fall 2006 / Volume 6.

Full content: yjs_fall_2006.pdf

  • Introduction
    Ivan Szelenyi
  • Understanding Global Embeddedness: Discourses on Self, Work and Globalization Among Kenyan Apparel Workers
    Andrea Chinyere Ezie
  • Patrolling the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Molissa Farber
  • Normative Dissonance and Anomie: A Prospective Microlevel Model of Adolescent Suicide Ideation
    Jennifer Lee
  • Academic and Social Motivators for Public and Private School Choice: A Case Study of a Small Town
    Ann Martin

Fall 2005 / Volume 5.

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  • Class and Culture: What the Sneetches Can Teach Us
    Julia Adams
  • Against the Wal-Martization of America: Lessons for the Labor Movement from the ILWU and UFCW in California
    Sam Bernstein
  • Labor Markets in Transition: Gender, Unemployment, and Labor Force Participation in Poland and Hungary
    Christy M. Glass and Janette Kawachi

Fall 2004 / Volume 4.Special Feature: Yale Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course (CIQLE).

Full content: yjs_fall_2004.pdf

  • Assessing the Trends: African-American Endeavors into the Medical Profession
    Karintha Holifield
  • In Search of an Aphrodisiac: Putting the Romance into Models of Marriage
    Averil Y. Clarke
  • Returns to Skills: Vocational Training in Germany 1935-2000
    Matthias Pollmann-Schult and Karl Ulrich Mayer
  • Increasing Risks of Stigmatization: Changes in School-to-Work Transitions of Less-Educated West Germans
    Heike Solga

Fall 2003 / Volume 3.Special Feature: Yale Center for Cultural Sociology (CCS).

Full content: yjs_fall_2003.pdf

  • Editors’ Preface
    Martin de Santos and Iván Szelényi
  • I Live Here: Neighborhood, Identity, Space and Control in Urban Centers
    Candace McKinley
  • Towards a New, Macro-Sociological Theory of Performance
    Jeffrey C. Alexander
  • Critics as Mediators of Authenticity: Eichmann in Jerusalem
    Ates Altinordu
  • Performances in Search of an Author: The Symbolic Life of an Economic Indicator
    Martin de Santos
  • Setting the Stage: A Cultural Approach to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    Tanya Goodman
  • Discourse and Practice in a World of Strangers
    Jason Mast
  • Structural Hermeneutics and the Possibility of a Cultural Science
    Isaac Reed
  • On Television and the Death of News (and why I am not in mourning)
    Ronald N. Jacobs
  • Constructing Culture: Women Patrons and the Concert Halls of Los Angeles
    Lisa McCormick
  • Marcel Proust as Successor and Precursor to Pierre Bourdieu: A Fragment
    Philip Smith

Fall 2002 / Volume 2.

Full content: yjs_fall_2002.pdf

  • The World Bank and Sustainable Development: A Marriage of Convenience or True Love?
    Emi Lesure
  • Looking for Hip Hop: Seeing the Body Communicate in Everyday Social Encounters and Visual Commodity Culture
    Kristina Toth

Spring 2001 / Volume 1.

Full content: yjs_spring_2001.pdf

  • Introduction
    Roger Gould
  • Resource Mobilization in Schismatic Movements: A Case Study of Corpus Christi Catholic Church 
    Damon W. Mayrl
  • Behind the Numbers: Why Black Women Withdraw Early from Selective Colleges and Universities? 
    Ayanna M. Johnson