Sociology Colloquium Series 2011-2012

Wednesdays 12:00-1:20 p.m. (210 Prospect Street, Room 208)

October 4

4pm-5:15pm, Whitney Humanities Center - Room 208

*Note Special Time and Location Above* 
Yale Sociology Colloquium and 2011 Wilbur Lucius Cross Lecture
Bernice Pescosolido 
Indiana University
“Reining In Complexity: A Sociological Vision of Collective Life”

November 2

November 2nd 12:00pm 1:20pm 2011 Colloquium: Jeffery Olick 210 Prospect Street, Room 208

Yale Sociology Colloquium
Jeffery Olick 
University of Virginia
“Sociology and the Meaning of Life: Bringing Theodicy Back In.”

December 7

December 7th 12:00pm: 1:20pm 2011 Colloquium: Neil Fligstein 210 Prospect, Room 208

Yale Sociology Colloquium
Neil Fligstein 
University of California-­‐Berkeley
The Spread of the Financial Crisis Around the World 2007-2010

February 1

February 1st 12:00pm: 1:20pm 2012 Colloquium: Ezra W Zuckermen Sivan 210 Prospect, Room 208

Yale Sociology Colloquium
Ezra W Zuckermen Sivan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Why Identity?”

April 4

April 4th 12:00pm: 1:20pm 2012 Colloquium: Bernhard Giesen 210 Prospect, Room 208

Yale Sociology Colloquium
Bernhard Giesen
University of Konstanz