Spring Colloquium, 2006


Thursdays, 4:00–5:30 p.m., Williams Hall, Room 107, 80 Sachem Street


January 12

Gay Seidman

(University of Wisconsin – Madison)

“Markets, Consumers and Transnational Labor Activism: ‘Soft’ Regulation in South Africa, India and Guatemala”

January 19

Eric Klinenberg

(New York University)

“The New Newsroom: Market Pressure and Media Production in Three Metropolitan Papers”

January 26

Kenneth Thompson

(The Open University, UK)

“Cultural Studies and Education in Contemporary Societies”

February 2

Frank Dobbin

(Harvard University)

“Does Diversity Management Increase Managerial Diversity?”

February 9

Ivan Ermakoff

(University of Wisconsin – Madison)

“Enacting State Persecution: The Police and Anti-Semitic Policy in France, 1940–1944”

February 16

Lynette Spillman

(University of Notre Dame)

“What Do Business Associations Do?”

February 23

Gueorgui Derluguian

(Northwestern University)

“Homo Academicus Sovieticus (Caucasiensis): Why the Soviet-era Dissertation Topics Previsaged Politics”

March 2

Robert Andersen

(McMaster University)

“Trends in Civic Association Activity in Four Democracies: The Special Case of Women in the United States”

March 23

Neil Gross

(Harvard University)

“Intellectual Movements in the Humanities: Toward a Sociological Explanation”

March 30

Myra Marx Ferree

(University of Wisconsin – Madison)

“Framing Equality: The Politics of Race, Class and Gender in the US, Germany and the EU”

April 6

Ann Mische

(Rutgers University)

“Partisan Publics: Multiple Networks and Communicative Styles in Brazilian Youth Politics”

April 13

Riaz Hassan

(Flinders University, Australia)

“Jihad and Conflict Resoultion in Muslim Countries”

April 20

Maria Rovisco

(University of Lisbon)

“Imagining Portugal in the ‘New’ Europe”