Alumnus Herzog on Revoking Citizenship

February 1, 2015

Yale sociology alumnus Ben Herzog has a new book, entitled ‘Revoking Citizenship: Expatriation in America from the Colonial Era to the War on Terror’ to be published next month by New York University Press. In the book, Dr Herzog examines America’s long history of making both naturalized immigrants and native-born citizens un-American after their citizenship was stripped away. Tracing this history from the early republic through the Cold War, Herzog locates the sociological, political, legal, and historic meanings of revoking citizenship. Why, when, and with what justification do states take away citizenship from their subjects? Should loyalty be judged according to birthplace or actions? Using the history and policies of revoking citizenship as a lens, Revoking Citizenship examines, describes, and analyzes the complex relationships between citizenship, immigration, and national identity. Dr Herzog is a Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor in the U.S.) at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute, at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel.