Benefits of Majoring in Sociology at Yale Explained in New Video

Department News
January 27, 2016

The reasons to select the Yale Sociology Major are highlighted in a new film. The ten-minute video, entitled Sociology at Yale: The Choice Explained, is featured on Yale’s official YouTube channel and can be found with any simple YouTube search. It includes interviews with current Majors who discuss why sociology proved the right fit for them. Students with backgrounds in both the Arts and the Sciences point to the range of transferable skills they have gained through the Major; the diversity of subfields and specialties; the department’s small class sizes; good faculty-to-student ratios; and unusual opportunities for close mentorship. Professors Fred Wherry and Philip Smith also reflect on what can be gained and indicate successful graduate outcomes in the corporate world, the helping professions, and in academia. The video was produced by Guy Ortoleva of the Yale Broadcast Center. Support was provided by the Adam Rose Sociology Resource Fund. You can find the film at the following link