Patrice Collins

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M.A. Early Childhood Education, California State University Long Beach, 2013
B.A. Child Development and Family Studies, California State University Long Beach, 2009
Areas of Interest: 
Urban Sociology; Ethnographic Methods; Race and Ethnicity; Poverty; Parental Incarceration; Child Wellbeing; Family Studies; Inequality and Social Justice

Patrice Collins is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Sociology at Yale University with research interests at the intersections of race, urban inequality, poverty, mass incarceration, and family. Her dissertation, “It’s like a bad dream…everybody is locked up” Black Families with Incarcerated Loved Ones, represents the unique and multifaceted lived experiences of children and families with incarcerated parents. Her research has been used to inform and develop policies and protocols that aim to safeguard children during parental arrest and incarceration. In collaboration with the Full Citizen’s Coalition, Patrice has expanded the Dwight Hall at Yale Civic Allyship Initiative through student engagement in advocacy and social justice for families experiencing incarceration. Before joining the doctoral program in Sociology, Patrice worked as a preschool teacher, early education lab instructor, family consumer science lecturer, and early childhood consultant in child development and social policy at the Yale Child Study Center.  Patrice is a fellow of the Urban Ethnography Project and Comer School Development Program. Patrice is also a recipient of the Yale University President’s Public Service Fellowship and the 2022 Public Service Award of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for Disciplinary Outreach. Patrice’s overall academic and professional agenda is centered on enhancing the lives and well-being of children, families, and communities.