Sara Raquel de Andrade Silva, MA

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Sara Raquel de Andrade Silva is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where she studies contemporary art sponsorship. Her work seeks to understand how private companies appropriate progressive narratives through the sponsorship of politically engaged contemporary art and, in this way, dispute interpretative power with sacralized instances of art.  

She holds a Masters’s degree in Sociology from the Fluminense Federal University, where she investigated the relationship between political polarization and censorship of art exhibitions and events in Brazil. She also participates in research groups that focus on electoral processes and political narratives and is part of the Todas as Artes|Todos os nomes international network of researchers in the sociology of art.

Other research interests include political polarization and the role of new technologies in electoral processes, and the intersections between art and politics in contemporary societies.  (CCS Visiting Graduate Student)