The Cultural Wealth of Nations

Publication Date: 
July 2011
Stanford University Press

Nina Bandelj

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Symbolic resources affect social, cultural, and economic development. The value of being “Made in America” or “Made in Italy,” for example, depends not only on the material advantages each place offers but also on the symbolic resources embedded in those places of production. Drawing on case studies that range from the vineyards of South Africa and the textiles of Thailand to the Mundo Maya in Latin America and tourist destinations in Tuscany, this volume examines the various forms that cultural wealth takes, the processes involved in its construction, and the ways it is deployed.

Leading scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds examine how symbolic resources and cultural understandings help firms and regions develop. Through a thoughtful analysis of current- day cases, as well as historical developments, The Cultural Wealth of Nationsoffers an exciting new alternative to standard economic explanations about the wealth and poverty of nations.