Giddens and the Developing Nations Examine Global Warming

Publication Date: 
July 2010
Review Essay, Contemporary Sociology, 2010, v 39, no 4, 411-416.

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Books on climate change are coming out at an increasing rate, and in my mind we cannot get enough of them. I see climate change as the problem that trumps all others for the next few decades. Indeed, predicted warming increases will exacerbate most of our other major problems such as HIV/AIDS, pandemics, malnutrition, income inequality within and between nations, gender inequality and so on. So we should be glad to see an eminent sociologist, Anthony Giddens, authoring a book on global warming; sociologists have neglected the topic. As the first by a major sociological theorist, Bill Clintonʼs blurb correctly calls it a “landmark study.”