Carlo Sariego

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B.A. Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College 2017
MPhil Sociology (with distinction), University of Cambridge 2019
Areas of Interest: 
Medical Sociology; Gender & Sexuality Studies; Comparative Historical Sociology; Migration; Reproduction, Fertility, and Genetic Technologies; Queer and Feminist Theory; Race and Ethnicity


Carlo Sariego is a doctoral candidate in the joint-degree PhD program in Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. They are an interdisciplinary sociologist with research and teaching interests in gender/sexuality, medical sociology, and science and technology studies. They use qualitative methods to analyze the racialized and gendered processes that shape the politics of reproduction in the United States. Their dissertation, “Repro Futures: Transgender Reproductive Politics, Justice, and Time in the United States,” uses scientific narratives of the past, law and politics of the present, and interviews about the future to examine transgender reproduction, an understudied topic in the hyper-stratified field of fertility and family-making.

They received their Master’s degree from the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc) with distinction at the University of Cambridge in 2019. They are currently a Health Policy Research Scholar with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, an affiliate in the Yale Research Initiative on the Histories of Sexuality, a fellow with the Yale Ethnography Hub, and co-run the WGSS Colloquium and Graduate Policy Fellows Program at Yale. They have an article forthcoming in Signs and the edited volume Seminal: Sperm/Health/Politics with NYU Press. Their work has been published in Social Science and Medicine and Population Studies. In their spare time, Carlo is a fiber artist and doll maker.