June 2013

Comparative Sociology, Volume 12, Issue 6: 851–862.

Publisher Link >> Abstract In a recent edition of this journal, Scott Brenton (2012) announced a refreshing perspective on the relationship between political scandal and liberal democratic institutions: though scandals are often thought anathema to democratic politics, a cause of public...
June 2013

Open Democracy

Publisher Link >> On May 28 2013, a few hundred people gathered at Istanbul’s Gezi Park. They were there to protest the demolition of Taksim’s last remaining public park. The people gathered in the park were mostly environmental activists, leftists, and a few outspoken public figures;...
May 2013

Symbolic Interaction, pp 1-17.

Based on two years of observations and engaging in informal conversations with passengers on Greyhound Line buses, this article describes the long-distance bus journey and the ways in which people actively disengage from others over the course of the ride. Using the Greyhound buses and stations as...
April 2013

European Sociological Review

Publisher Link >> Abstract: Fertility differences in Europe are largely due to disparities in parity progression after the first child. Postponement is recuperated to a larger extent in countries with relatively high fertility, less in countries with very low fertility. Explanations have...
February 2013
Jonathan Wyrtzen

Political Power and Social Theory 24:231-262

  Publisher Link >> Abstract: As a fountainhead of postcolonial scholarship, Edward Said has profoundly impacted multiple disciplines. This chapter makes a case for why sociologists should (re)read Edward Said, paying specific attention to his warning about the inevitably violent...
January 2013
Karl Mayer

Comparative Sociology 12 (2): 184-210.

Publisher Link >> Abstract: There is an ongoing debate over whether the stability of working lives in Germany has declined in recent decades. In this piece, we contribute to the literature by arguing that subjective mobility perceptions, hence individuals’ self-reported mobility desires and...
August 2012

Cultural Sociology

      Publisher Link >> Abstract: The loss of iconic buildings and artifacts can result in public mourning which may even overshadow the loss of human life. Cultural trauma theory examines how such processes are socially constructed, but has focused on events of great human suffering,...
May 2012
Philip Gorski, William McMillan

The Review of Faith & International Affairs 10(2): 41-50.

Publisher link >> Abstract Barack Obama’s critics question whether he believes in “American exceptionalism.” Evaluating this judgment requires some historical perspective and analytical clarity about the shifting and manifold meanings of the term. There are two main types of...
May 2012
Kristin Plys

Yale Journal of Sociology, Vol. 9, 130-160, 2012

Publisher Link Journal PDF 
May 2012

Sociological Forum 27, no. 4.

Publisher link >> Urban sociology has tended to study interactions between passersby and “street persons” with an emphasis on the ways street persons become bothersome, harassing, or dangerous. This article moves away from the focus on the ways interactions in public go awry and focuses on...
January 2012
Philip Gorski

pp. 136-148 in the Routledge Handbook of Religion and Security

Edited by Chris Seiple, Dennis Hoover and Pauletta Otis. Google Book Link >>   This Handbook breaks new ground by addressing global security through the lens of religion and examining the role religion plays in both war and peace. In recent years there has been a considerable upsurge of...
January 2012
Jeffrey Alexander

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

Publisher Link > Description Iconic Power is a collection of original articles that explores social aspects of the phenomenon of icon. Having experienced the benefits and realized the limitations of so called “linguistic turn,” sociology has recently acknowledged a need to further expand its...
September 2011
Andrew Cohen

Journal of Applied Social Science 5(2):53-65

The number of students either majoring in or enrolling for applied sociology degrees at the undergraduate level is small. This paper investigates two questions spurred by this dilemma: what factors have led to a proportionately low number of students majoring in applied sociology? And what steps...
June 2011

In: Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering. Edited by Ron Eyerman, Jeffrey C. Alexander and Elizabeth Breese, 107-132. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers 2011

Publisher link>> Description:  The legendary status of the Holocaust as a sacred evil has inspired international human rights law, new restrictions on national sovereignty, and newly powerful moral strictures against ethnic and racial cleansing. Yet, even as this markedly universalizing...
May 2011
Jeffrey Alexander, Philip Smith

Palgrave Connect

Publisher Link > Theorist Clifford Geertz’s influence extends far beyond anthropology. Indeed the case could be made that he has been abandoned by anthropology and that his legacy has been transferred to a more diffuse community of scholars interested in interpretation. This volume...